About us

Connoisseurs around the world are driving a renewed demand for luxurious custom metalwork, knowing attention to these fine details marks true grandeur. Lyrical in design, handcrafted railings, balustrades and gates serve as the jewelry of the house, belying their intrinsic strength and ultimate functionality.

At Gold Coast Metal Works’ atelier, highly skilled blacksmiths rely on time-honored techniques to forge hot metal—most commonly mild steel, but also bronze and wrought iron—and use anvils, hammers and chisels to create meticulous flowers and leaves, sinuous curves and decorative rosettes. Each finished piece is a unique and original work and will look beautiful for centuries.

Once in place, classical ironwork imbues a rich character in contemporary classic interiors. Like any jewel, its effect is mesmerizing as it elevates a sumptuous home into a truly grand one.

Located in the heart of Moravia, the city of Olomouc boasts the largest historic preservation zone in the Czech Republic outside of Prague. Here the ironworking craft tradition is proudly maintained and the classical arts flourish. At Gold Coast Metal Works, a team of expertly trained artisans works on each commission, from engineers and draftsmen, to blacksmiths and finishers. With headquarters on the North Shore Of New York's Long Island, the company easily works anywhere in the world.

Ironwork today blends the soulfulness of the old with the innovations of the new. Blacksmiths still forge hot metal over fire and repoussé craftsmen sculpt lifelike forms and delicate lines. These techniques give the final work its lyricism—the finely articulated rosette, the hand mark of an incision, the strong feel. Meanwhile, laser scanners and co-ordinate measurement machines allow us to measure the most complex curved railings and arched doorways with absolute precision.

Fine metalwork is a prized craft increasingly sought after by the finest architects and homeowners. Its renaissance is no surprise among classicists and purists, who recognize eloquence in our physical spaces.